GM Random Tools: Plots & Events (WIP)

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Random Events
      Frequency:   (max: min: )  
The dropdown-lists below affect the balance of event-types, not the number of events.
The switches below enable or disable the specified event types.
Animals In Party?   Insects?   Vehicles?   Bridges/Fords?   Color Events?   Magic?   Adventure?  
Intentions for future updates:
  • Refinement of lists in-progress
  • Implement magic, color
  • Need re-rolls for undesirable results
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After the End Events
Virtual Tarot Deck
Intentions for future updates:
  • Multi-card draw
  • "Reinforce" draw with paired interactions
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Random Weather Generator
Spring/Summer/Tropical Fall/Winter/Arctic Current: Next Check:
Intentions for future updates:
  • May present some unrealistic results; need to refine
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Random Plot Generator
  Plot Body:
Special Conditions:
Lock Scale / Set as Maximum
Based on S.John Ross' Big List of RPG Plots