GM Random Tools: Overland Travel(WIP)

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Uses Realistic Foot Travel  from LTC2:32
Daily Travel, 
Conditions Time Spent/Day:hrs min Avg. Terrain: Avg. Weather:
For parties of multiple creatures, use the lowest statistic of the group for each selection
Hiker Stats Move: Encumbrance: FP: Current: Use: Very Fit?  Fit?  Un-Fit?  Very Un-Fit? Eat×
  Intervals are auto-calculated; check "Keep" to lock down non-empty fields.
Mechanics SK:Hiking Success Extra Effort:% Intervals:  Travel hrs  min (at  mph), rest for  hrs  min  Keep? 
Lose 1FP/ Total:
Journey (based on Daily Travel)
Target Distance: miles Arrive in
Developer's notes:
  • Changes: Restructured & tuned, added more help info
  • Need more fine-tuning of the maths
  • Need to enable effects of eating during travel
  • Need to add "sailing" and "flying" methods
  • Allowed to run into negative FP; need alerts & effects
Paced Running
See B354 for effects. HT/Skill rolls are checked automatically; multiple calculations will have different results. Extra Effort (B356) requires situationally-modified Will checks per/minute to avoid injury, and as such, have to be handled manually. "Averages" taken from Supers p.102.
Sprint: Encumbrance: FP: Current: Use: Max: 20 Fatigue Check: Very Fit?  Un-Fit? 
Avg. Terrain: Avg. Weather: Schedule:  Speed: mph;  Distance: miles;  Time: hrs min
Developer's notes:
  • Added "average" results
  • Need more fine-tuning of the maths
  • Need to take Crits into account
  • Need to get Speed Schedule working
  • Need to account for running into negative FP, & possible injury