The One

To put my loneliness to rest,
I offered up a desp'rate plea
To God, to grant me one request,
To send the mate He'd meant for me.
And so began my endless quest.
Searching for the One.

Time passed. I my burden bore.
Then fell an angel from the skies.
I'd seen her in a dream before,
And now she stands before my eyes.
Is this who I've been waiting for?
Could she be the One?

I'm overwhelmed by what I feel;
Can think of nothing but her face.
Will You now Your will reveal?
Say that it's the time and place.
Tell me, God, that it's for real.
Tell me she's the One.

I know there is no other way
To know if she's the one I seek.
It seems my tongue is made of clay.
I summon now the strength to speak.
God, give me the words to say.
I know that she's the One.